We are content creators.

We are storytellers.

We are Incapio.

In each of us are stories of love, loss, joy, sadness and hope.  By sharing these stories that we find commonality and, if all goes right, community with each other.

We are grateful for the opportunity to share with you our stories.  These are created with the intent of offering you a small slice of enjoyment and entertainment, even if only for a moment.

- Dan & Daniel


about us

Dan Schrenk
Dan Schrenk
Co-founder / Writer and Developer
Dan found his love computers at early age. His family started out with an Apple IIe which allowed him to write BASIC programs and make multi-page banners with PrintShop. From there, he moved to an Intel 8088, IBM-compatible PC that was given to him in his youth. He spent countless hours tearing down and rebuilding that computer to learn as much as he could. From there, he’s pursued a Bachelor’s degree and an 18 year career in the IT field. He enjoys the ongoing process of making complex technology seem effortless for people.
Daniel Hawkins
Daniel Hawkins
Co-founder / Illustrator and Designer
​​​​​​​Daniel is an experienced graphic designer and published cartoonist with a passion for visual storytelling. His creative skillset includes digital and traditional illustration, proficiency in Adobe CC design software, and familiarity with both PowerPoint and Keynote. Outside of work, he loves to run, explore outdoors, play games with friends, and share weekly doodles on Instagram (@dhawktoons).